Schizophrenia Culture

Stark raving lunatics.  Suicidal, homicidal  maniacs.  Mass shooters.  White angry men out of touch with reality.  There is a whole cluster that schizophrenia as a medical condition might entail, but that is not what I mean here.

Rather I speak of the malady of having multiple voices.  Not the individual’s affinity to scan and tune in to audible vocal noises, mind you, but the collective phenomenon where so many people are talking, both in divergent and concordant ways.

Because of modern mass media and virtually instant communications, we posses the remarkable ability to put our message out there for the world to witness.  Today anybody with a phone and an internet connection is able to broadcast whatever their fancies prompt them to do so.

The voices compete with one another for allegiance.  The voice of reason tells us to be rational and logical and act according to predetermined outcomes.  The voice of discord and war dictates that we fight for our rights and decimate anyone and everything standing in the way.  Science’s voice says the world is all there is and we better get used to it before we conjure up pie in the sky that we can’t even begin to eat anyways.

The devil also speaks.  He has in the past. He spoke to Jesus in the wilderness temptation (Matthew 4).  His attempt at flattery and appealing to man’s lower instincts and ego exemplify his approach to undermining God’s good creation.

Then God speaks.  He spoke the universe into existence…… Genesis 1-2

Man didn’t find it convenient to listen to God’s word (Genesis 3) so he sent his Son.  The Son today speaks and  beckons us to discover our new vocation in order to return to our true humanity and destiny.

We must not allow the world to drown God’s voice.  Many voices misguide us, God’s voice alone stands as the signpost for discovering the only one meaningful and purposeful vocation for which we were made.

Can we make time to shut down the noise around us so we can hear the voice that ultimately matters?

Featured image: Credit Google 2016