On the companionship of Pups

One can never go wrong having the companionship of puppies.  The tiny furry critters love you like you are the last species of human around. No one has yet improved on the binary experience of man plus puppy.  Dogs have a lot to give and if you reciprocate in all the right ways, you got yourself a home-run for many years to come.

Boris is my third canine that I care about.  The last one, Small-E, faced an unfortunate fate right in between the place where the rubber meets the road: the poor fellow snuck out from a very small gap in my backyard (he too, was a miniature chihuahua) and into the road where I suspect a motorist could have mistaken him for a small version of a bleached Mexican rat.


the late Small-E 2013

Prior to Small-E Napoleon was the most enduring and endearing dog that ever stuck around for more than five years.  He was a chihuahua mix and like Boris and Small-E, possessed the cunning affinity to squeeze out of small exits.  When I divorced, my ex ended up keeping him.  He walked out of the fenced front porch and into the unknown one day when my ex left town.  Was he dognapped?  Did he end up as road kill somewhere? I don’t know.  I was tormented for many months and so were my kids who have grown up with him.


Three strikes and your are out!  Two gone, one more chance.  I am gonna try again.  I intend to cling to Boris for as long as I can manage.  I am confident Boris will stay put and I intend to boost my luck by being more cautious this time.  Boris tends to get overly excited to the extent of slobbering and licking all over my face when I return from work.  I wonder if the wagging of the tail  isn’t some sort of magic spell that manages to wag my hands in his direction in order to scoop him up.

At ten weeks his mouth still emanates that distinctive bologna sausage smell which triggers childhood memories where my mom used to fix me the epic sandwiches for lunch.  Combine that with the Frito-like odor of the paws and I think that is mother nature’s way of churning a delicious combo.  I think I am craving a hot dog right now.  Fritos on the side.  Kidding.

Feeling lonely right now?  Tired of being rejected and being treated less than your worth?  call your local humane society or look up the pets pages of Craigslist.  There are countless thousands for furry little gizmos eager to embrace you at once.  I can not vouch for older canines.  Older dogs tend to arrive in mixed bags: some were abused and some abandoned. Some have emotional/psychological issues that only a competent and understanding owner could deal with.  Prior to obtaining Boris I stumbled upon a page from a lady given out a girl  chihuahua.  The catch?  She would only donate her to a female.  See the chihuahua had a history of abuse from guys and she could not bring herself to trust men.

If you opt for a brand new, zero baggage canine, go for a puppy.  You can mold him and train him however you please and he/she will remember you forever.  It is best to start with a clean slate.  If you have the time and resources, go for it. You can never go wrong showing love to a baby dog.  The experience will be enduring and worthwhile.










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