A few tips on becoming a suave single

Last time I heard singleness is still the optimal launching pad for planning  a journey of meaning and consequence. Singleness is suave because it presents possibilities you lose while married.  Reduced to the lowest common denominator, staying single is as easy as doing nothing, nada, nitzch.

An old teacher once told my class : ” if you want to be invisible use only cash and don’t tell anyone where you are.”  With singleness , mind you , you don’t have to try as hard. Singleness is your default mode.  Reversing your single status will take some mess and muddle as no one ever escapes unscathed from affairs of the heart.

Where do you stand? Either you fall into the continuum of stability, success, and sexiness to tenth power or, your life is somewhat stuck between stupid and mediocre and your so-called accomplishments qualify only in the Guinness Book of the Ridiculous and Laughable. No monuments are ever erected to critics and cynics. The same goes for those who major in lame-and-mundane projects as inconsequential as farts in the wind.

Stop being a Kid 

There is this grand revolutionary idea worth exploring called adulthood.  You ought to try it sometime if you haven’t.  The world will be a better place if you get past your Peter Pan delusions.

Make your Christian faith count for something. Jesus’ directive “GO into the world………..” (Matthew 28) is for all who subscribe to the Christ Way, not exclusively for the cream of the crop of super spirituals.  Someone somewhere needs the light that only you can beam. Why doesn’t God do something about all the evil in the world? He has. He has recruited you as a resource for goodness. God is not going to do all the work himself. Buckle up with prayer, passion, and purpose.  You are already on the side of Christ the Lord’s winning army. Kindle your fire else degenerate in the frozen wasteland of irrelevance and futility (Revelation 3:16).

Look Nice

Better late than ugly.  Hopefully you won’t have to explain that to the boss.  Have you checked the mirror lately? Are you cognizant that your particular arrangement of atoms has never existed nor will ever exist again?  That God created the world beautiful (Genesis 1-2) is probably a hint that you ought to sharpen  your sexy self instead of feeling sorry for having looks well below the jackpot .  Unleash the sexyness because it is an honor to look and smell clean.  Don’t ever think that people will forgive or promote your reputation for stinkiness. Take notice when people say you look better in the dark! If your mirror starts noticing and sneers and laughs at you for not tidying up, that is a ominious sign that you probably ought to dash in soap’s direction. You are not to be a people pleaser or attempt to score points in the instruments of self-promotion a la Facebook.  There is no staying power in social media.  The span of attention there is as thin as the screen of your iPhone. You need to be well cut and clean because you want to honor the Creator who made a masterpiece of you, not a factory clone.  Ultimately, being ugly is a choice.  Rooting for true beauty goes well beneath the level of skin.

Become a skilled lover

Learn the A to Z’s of love and relationships.  Unless you are a rock, you will have to  connect with others.  Many of societal dysfunctions could be resolved if troll inspired characters stopped channeling hate, crude rants, obscenities, and vulgarities and instead acquire the skills to be expert lovers who achieve peace and unity everywhere.

Don’t become another Ignoramus

Life is hard, but ignorance is worse. Ignorance is bliss only in a situation where you could benefit handsomely for it, such as in your fantasies.  Avoid the situation where you are a certified Know-Nothing to the extent that you are totally perceived as an impertinent imbecile, solidly unreliable and untrustworthy and where the only seemingly intelligent part of you are your prescription glasses.  Ours is an ethos of paranoia, suspicion, homophobia, and hatred.  We need educated folks that can tackle the chaos and trudge through the minefields of world problems that besiege humanity.  With all the world’s knowledge instantly at our disposal and almost totally free, there is zero excuse for refusing to deploy the tools of knowledge to be world shapers and shakers.



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