My All- Time Breakup Tunes


Beauty up 8000 feet, July 2015, mountain hiking trip. Stumbled uppn this beautiful specimen on a hiking trip. I realized later I never owned the flower since I had lost it the moment I cut it. 😦

Dissolution is a cold hard reality common to the human experience across time and space.  Not all relationships are supposed to work.   Losing that special person is worth crying about, but also singing about if you can muster the courage to let go.   The following songs have helped me realized where I’ve been and have also empower me to find solace and resignation.   

It’s Too Late.   A few things hurt more than knowing the clock has marked the love o’clock doomsday.

Careless Whisper.   Comapring lost love to the unwinding of a beautiful dance.

Someone Like You.   That person who departed lives on , but I’m afraid that he or she only exists as an idealized illusion whom we wish to reincarnate  and project on someone else.

Where Did Our Love Go.  Death is irretrievably, so is a love long gone.  When the dazzling glory leaves, what is there to replace it.

In Dreams.  The melancholic but phenomenal Orbison !  The talk of clowns tipping around your bedtime is the stuff of nightmares , but so is waking up to an empty bed and pillow of a bygone love.

It Will Rain.  I delight in rain. It soothes my skin and my breathing.  Yet for some sensitive folks it is hard to escape the feeling of doom and gloom when cognizant of the approaching thunderous and black wet storm. Bruno has endowed the expression “rain on my parade ” with a sad new nuance.                

When I Was Your Man. Another Bruno hit, but this one offers a higher level of soul searching: the what ifs, where-did-I-go-wrong, the mistakes and missteps of failed love.  I cry with this one.

If I Can’t Have You.  The fantasies over a lover seem more keen before we have them, and particularly acute after they leave.  Having them gone will play tricks on our minds to the extent that we can’t conceive of the possibility of ever finding a suitable replacement.

I Want You Back. The Jackson’s Five at their romantic best.  Love is beautiful and stubborn.  We long for and we beckon that which is good, true, and beautiful, even after it has marched into the vortex of no  return. We wish to clinch to them, refusing to let go, believing that love may still harbor a possibility, even if remote. In my young love life as a middle schooler I would have never hesitated to sing this one to one delightful cutie pie of a girl I once wanted back.

Since I Don’t Have You.  An oldie but quite the goodie still. The sensation of having lost everything because we are no longer together is terrifying enough to rattle even the most non-chalant of us.  The feeling of nothingness and emptiness due to break up can be relentlessly haunting and long lasting .


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