School of Awesome

IN THE BEGINNING there was single. Even if your marriage was arranged before birth, you won’t leap out the womb knowing how to romance, how to kiss , how to make love and be a decent spouse. For that you are going to have to sweat some serious stuff.

Single is how you land this world, helpless and distinguishably and unapologetically butt naked. You will crave breasts , not for pleasure mind you, but for sustenance. Yes that’s right, we call that being a baby, with reproductive organs present, but dormant until the day you debut as the man or woman meant to reproduce life and be all that God calls you to be.

There is a situation with your status though. You are single and lost. Lost is your default position. Outside of Christ you really are a zero to the left place, steady on the direction of utter oblivion and meaninglessness. Face it. Write it down. It’s not written in the stars, but in the counsel of God: the clock is ticking towards your doom. You are dead because of sin. It is reality. You are going to die. That’s a condition worse than being merely depraved.

But how do you work against the grain of human nature, your stale existence which mostly resembles a parody that lacks a punch line? How do you undermine the decay gnawing at your soul and body?
If you are single, you need to use your singleness to gain some deep perspectives about who you are in relation to God’s purposes. In God’s grand design you are a good thing, a good creation. God didn’t create junk. Companies create junk food. Governments provoke stupid, useless wars. Schools churn out bad students. Prisons school offenders in criminal ways. But God makes no mistakes . God is no bureaucrat , he is not the IRS. His works are infallible indeed. Because you are a good thing, you need to add value first by accepting Christ. Do something good for your life and get saved. The gift is there. You have to accept it. Believe it. You won’t get salvation on the merits of your mama or granny. God has no grand children. You have to work at your own faith. Be a man. Be a woman . Stand up for Christ or get lost. In fact you already are lost so don’t compound problems by writing off the only viable path to infinite happiness.

Do you think you have all your ducks aligned? Your job is secured. You are a star at being cute and snapping selfies. You are a superb stud at picking up girls ( girls, you know how to beckon guys squarely on their knees), you kick ass at charm and persuasion, and have the dough neatly tucked away under the pillow, the wallet, the bank…….

Well enough. But your sense of security is illusory. If you are missing Christ then damnation awaits you like a hungry lion awaits its prey. Therefore your only choice is to follow the master and commander of your life. Subscribe to Christ and you will know how to handle the fine art of living. Faith will make you a lean and mean champion of righteousness. Share that faith. Develop it. Tap into it to tackle life’s problems head on. The alternative is for you to struggle as a single, as an entrepreneur, as a friend, a lover, a parent, a spouse, a human being.

“Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.”
Ephesians 5:15-17

You should be exploiting your single life as a time to prepare for the task of living. Plan and think about your education , your relationships, your career options, your marriage, and your possible role as a parent. You won’t have the competence to deal with these if you lack faith. In the case of marriage, lacking faith will make your marriage a hell on Earth scenario. You’ll think of opting out of it when such is not allowed, unless of course some detrimental circumstances call for it. Plan to stay married until your last breath and keep your zipper zipped before and after you close the deal. STDS are real and they spread like wild fire. Don’t do anything stupid and get yourself infected with AIDS. Don’t venture out into the alluring pleasures of Lustland. Marriage is for the brave. Anticipate working until you drop. Don’t think about relenting care for children, should you plan on having kids, or being careless with your health, your diet, your money, and your time. Be single and be wise by anticipating problems before they appear. Christ won’t tell you what career to pursue, what car to buy, what Christian girl or guy to proposition marriage to, but if you have faith and listen to his commands in the Bible and through prayer, he will dole out wisdom to know the difference. This is the only way out there to be single and awesome. Have Christ. Let Christ guide your steps by humble surrender to his will. And remember it is only by dying to self and living for him that you can be the human being you are meant to be. The time is now. Use your singleness for his glory by preparing for the bloody battle coming your way. It’s guaranteed there will be casualties. Don’t become one. Become awesome instead. Be a winner. Otherwise gladly grab your ticket and go to hell my friend. You were made for better things than that.