A little bit about me

Taking a rest after nailing shingles on a storage shed. Summer 2014

Taking a rest after nailing shingles on a storage shed. Summer 2014

Greetings to my readers

My name is Omar and I’m here to speak for singles of all types, weather first time single, single due to divorce, abandonment, seclusion, separation, mental instability or alien abduction.

This is a blog about issues relevant to singleness: relationships , love, marriage, friendship and the like; from the perspective of the Christian faith. I want to articulate what it means to be single and a follower of the Way, that is, the way of that trouble maker, intemperate rebel Jesus Christ who still intrigues me and challenges me at the very core of my existence. I’m a pilgrim of the Way, warts and all. It is a struggle living in the tension between faith and doubt. My aims however, are pointed at faith, in despite of the ambiguities and struggles of living in the daily grind. Perfection is elusive. It will always remain so. In the meanwhile I am merely contented to be able to eat chocolate, be a father to three beautiful school aged children, and reflect on the significance of being a citizen of this speck of blue dust called Home.

Regarding the title, single with gusto. Don’t lash out and believe singleness is the best possible condition that we can posses, as if the single life should claim the monopoly of all possible happiness. On the flip side, you should never regard singleness as pure raw material, incomplete, half- baked, not quite yet there. This is not the place to extol the virtues of living alone, but merely reflections on what the single life is for all it’s worth and delight. Hence ” with gusto.” If you feel singleness is incapacitation and grounds for helplessness, bitterness, anger, hatred, hopelessness, over eating, or pulling your hair, then I suggest you look up the Yellow Pages for help on how to resolve emotional maladies and personality dysfunctions.

I speak for those who want to make the single life a worthwhile experience, intending to stir you into excitement while it lasts. If you aren’t inclined to believe the fictions and fantasies of the Davinci Code, you will realize that Jesus Christ was a superb, accomplished single man who delighted in being God’s man for his time.

Some of my beliefs

  • Jesus Christ.  If God ever walked the Earth in the flesh, Christ was it.
  • The single life.  Our default position. How we all start life.
  • Love.  God’s best invention against hatred and selfishness.
  • Marriage.  A contract of convenience.
  • Divorce. Sometimes a necessary evil.  A form of legal theft.
  • Sex.  No thank you.   Mainly for procreation.  Whatever creative enterprise one uses in the service of sex lies outside the parameters of biological function and God’s blueprint
  • Gay marriage.  An oxymoron.
  • Homosexuality.  A denial of the male plus female polarity and hence a contradiction of God’s male-plus-female binary design
  • Abortion.  Not so much a woman’s privacy issue than a tool for population control
  • War.  Nations don’t cause wars.  Politicians do
  • Politics.  “Politics and diapers need frequent replacement, usually for the same reason” (Nietzche).  Another necessary evil to prevent anarchy, something that God will never endorse in his good world.
  • Science.  “The more I study science the more I believe in God” (Albert Einstein).
  • Education.  The point of it is to change oneself and the world for the better.
  • Democrats and Republicans. Basically the same Devil only with different names.  The right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird
  • The economy.  We are it.  But our problems regarding wealth and inequality are bound up with greed, selfishness, ignorance, and laziness.  (Karl Marx)
  • My true heroes.  Those who prevent war and create the conditions for peace.
  • The human condition. Sufficiently depraved to warrant social controls, yet somewhat awesome.
  • Relationships and romance.   Haven’t found one yet.   My ideal would be one in which I don’t have to lose my sleep, sanity, dignity, religion, wallet, or my hair and can stare at each other without saying a word while enjoying a cool cup of wine.
  • Me.  In development.  Pretty well alive and awesome last time I checked.


Should you have questions, comments,  outbursts or merely want to rant and rave and/or issue personal abuse, please be clear, concise, and to the point. I will respond to you at my convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Cordially yours



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